April 18th 2015

Things have been quite variable as of late. Almost 10 inches of snow in town here three days ago, and 8 miles away to the west, almost nothing. The water levels, clarity, and temperatures have been up and down, good and bad. But overall, the fishing has been good, great in some places.

Yellowstone River, 2,980 CFS at Corwin Springs

As usual, the Yellowstone River goes with the weather at this time of year. Anything from completely blown-out, perfect green, clear, you name it, totally depends on what the weather is doing. Streamer fishing has been productive, slow strips with a little jigging. Seems to me that black and olive have both been good, and not too big. Kind of medium sized. The baetis are around, and on the right day, with the right clarity, the fish are into them. Look for March Browns, and caddis should be very soon.

Madison River, 845 CFS at Cameron 1140 CFS below Ennis Dam

Things have been extremely good on the Upper, and pretty variable on the Lower. Lots of baetis in both places, and the fish are eating them. The crayfish thing on the Lower is always good, and the fish on the Upper are eating sculpins, worms, and eggs as well.

Missouri River, 3,750 CFS below Holter

Definitely good here right now. Some dry fly fishing, both with baetis and midges, solid nymphing, but not very good reports on the streamer. The river is in great shape (as always), but as crowded as mid-June, so expect some company.

Jefferson River, 1310 CFS at Twin Bridges

Like the Yellowstone, the Jeff is at the mercy of the weather gods. The river has been going up and down with some frequency, but lately, things have been stable. I always consider this one a gamble at this time of year, but you never know.

Gallatin River, 538 CFS at Gateway

Things are good on the Gallatin. March Browns in the lower portions, no to mention the baetis as well. The nymphing has been fantastic for most of the day, but the dry game is fair to great in the afternoons. Clarity has varied quite a bit, so I would check before committing to a long drive.