April 30th 2015

Things are changing quickly around here right now, and I will try to keep you up to date as much as possible. Day to day, any river can go up, go down, get muddy, or clear up- all depends on the weather

Yellowstone River 6140 CFS at Corwin Springs

With the recent warm weather, the Yellowstone is officially blown out. The brief window of caddis fishing is now over, but things may change if the weather cools. Probably best to make some phone calls or get some eyes on the river before setting out.

Missouri River 3690 CFS below Holter Dam

Fish have been eating baetis very well on the Mo, particularly on cloudy days. Streamer fishing is well, streamer fishing, but spring is a great time to pull some bugs around. Nymphing is always a safe bet up here.

Madison River 1270 CFS near Cameron, 1150 CFS below Ennis Dam

The caddis fishing has started in earnest on the Lower Madison, and fish have been keying on dries in the evening. Fishing has been quite good mid-day, fishing pupa or emergers in olive or darker colors. The usual suspects are working as well: sculpins, crayfish, and worms. Caddis have also begun on the Upper, some good March Brown fishing can be had as well.

Gallatin River 1260 CFS at Gateway

The Gallatin is blown out, probably going to be out for a while. If things cool down temperature wise, we should see a drop in the flows, and it may come back around.

Jefferson River 1940 CFS at Twin Bridges

The Jeff is holding up quite well during the beginning of run-off, but has been fluctuating a bit. Caddis and March Brown fishing has been quite good.