May 4th 2015

Yellowstone River 7060 CFS @ Corwin Springs

The Yellowstone River appears to officially be in full spring run off for now. The caddis bite was short (like 3 days), and expect this to be out, and not an option for quite some time. I will keep my eye on the flows, but unless it gets really cold here, this is out for a few weeks at best.

Gallatin River 1380 CFS @ Gateway

The Gallatin River is also high and dirty, so do not expect to much from this river for a little while. We may see this come back around sooner rather than later, but let's wait and see.

Jefferson River 2040 CFS @ Twin Bridges

The Jefferson is hanging in there pretty well, and is fishing fairly well. Flows have been pretty stable, and the bugs are out. Lots of caddis, still some mayflies around, and everything has been working well. Good nymphing, good streamer bite, and some sporadic dry fly fishing.

Madison River 1280 CFS @ Cameron, 1600 CFS below Ennis Dam

The Madison is fishing well throughout. The Lower is a little off-color, but fishing pretty well. Caddis are the game, both dry and subsurface. The bugs are making an appearance above the lake as well, and things are going well. The river is still closed above MacAtee Bridge.

Missouri River 3750 CFS below Holter Dam

Good BWO fishing on the Missouri River right now, especially on the overcast days. Bright days, not so much. Nymphing has been quite good however, with PT's, worms, scuds, etc....