May 11th 2015

Yellowstone River 5230 CFS @ Corwin Springs

The Yellowstone River dropped over the last few days, and I was able to sneak on the river yesterday, and it did not disappoint. We had great fishing with dries, streamers, and a variety of nymphs throughout the day. Caddis were around (in pretty good numbers), and I spotted a handful of March Browns as well. Looking at the graph this morning, it appears as though the river is starting to rise once again.

Missouri River 3780 CFS below Holter Dam

Still getting varying reports from the Missouri, seems like it has been an unusual spring up there. Good March Brown hatches on the lower river, and some great baetis fishing if the clouds are around.

Madison River 1060 CFS near Cameron, 1440 CFS below Ennis Dam

Sounds like things were ridiculously busy on the Upper Madison yesterday, and the fishing was less than impressive. Good conditions persist on the Upper, and caddis and March Browns are around in good numbers. The Lower Madison seems to be dropping in productivity as well, still a bit off-color, still fishing crayfish, sculpins, and nymphs of the baetis and caddis variety.

Gallatin River 1100 CFS near Gallatin Gateway

The Gallatin responded favorably to the drop in temperature over the last several days, and the river cleaned right up. Stonefly nymph and a San Juan worm still the best option, fishing the slow stuff.

Jefferson River 2090 CFS @ Twin Bridges

The Jefferson River dropped as well, but it appears to have leveled and probably will begin to climb as warmer weather is forecast for the area. Still some March Brown fishing to be had, and the caddis are pretty thick. I would try and get on this one quickly, as it will be out of shape again soon.