May 14th 2015

The Fishing Report will be on a bit of a hiatus after today, as I will be fishing in Belize for the next week. I will continue regular updates upon my return

Yellowstone River 6820 CFS @ Corwin Springs

As predicted, the Yellowstone River came in to shape for 2-3 days of very good fishing. Good fish taken on dries, streamers, and various nymphs this week, but the river is on the climb again. Back to high and dirty, not a good option.

Missouri River 3750 CFS below Holter Dam

The always clear, always clean Missouri River is still fishing fairly well. Good dry fly fishing, with baetis and still some March Browns. The nymphing has been very good as well with everything from SJ worms to baetis nymphs/emergers.

Madison River 1170 CFS below Ennis Dam, 1270 CFS near Cameron

Flows have dropped on the Madison, and it seems that the fishing has improved over the last couple of days. Warmer weather at this time of year means caddis, and we should see more of these now that the temps have risen. Might be short lived though, looking like rain here for a few days.

Gallatin River 1430 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway

The good clarity window has closed on the Gallatin as well, it is climbing, and climbing hard. We have had some rain the last two days here in town, and the Gallatin River has absorbed a lot of new water.

Jefferson River 2550 CFS near Twin Bridges

The Jeff is pretty off-color once again. Guys that know the river will probably do okay, anglers that don't- probably not.