May 25th 2015

I am back from a great trip to Belize, and ready to really enjoy some great fishing here at home. Many thanks to Haywood and the staff at Sea Dreams Hotel on Caye Caulker, the entire experience was great. We had great fishing, and a wonderful time.

Yellowstone River 8090CFS @ Corwin Springs

We took a drive through YNP yesterday, and I must say, things were a bit odd in the park. The Lamar River was high, and according to the graph, still climbing, but it looked very fishable. I stopped and looked at the Yellowstone River, and it was very close to fishable at Carter's Bridge. Both rivers are still climbing, but I am going to keep a close eye on the Yellowstone, I think it is going to be clear sooner rather than later.

Missouri River 3840 CFS below Holter Dam

Things are still pretty solid on the Missouri River. Good fishing with baetis- nymphing on the bright days, and dries on the cloudy days. Some of the usual spots have been producing with dries no matter the weather, but you have to know where to find them. Not a bad time to fish some caddis pupa or PMD nymphs as well- those hatches are right around the corner.

Madison River 1660 CFS @ Cameron, 1750 CFS below Ennis Dam

The Lower Madison is still fishing quite well. Baetis, caddis, and little yellow sally nymphs are all pulling some nice fish. The crayfish is still producing as well. Good reports are still coming from the Upper as well, in spite of a bit of dirty water coming in from some of the tributaries. Nymphing has been most productive, worms with caddis or baetis droppers.

Gallatin River 2290 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway

The Gallatin is quite high right now, but most of the water is coming from Taylor Fork. The river is in fairly good shape above the notorious sediment producer, and the park is now open, so head way up river, and do some fishing.

Jefferson River 3260 CFS near Twin Bridges

The Jefferson River is a bit high, but very fishable right now. Expect slightly off color water, but the fish should really be on the bite, at least until it starts to really climb again (if it does). Runoff might be over here. This is a great time for caddis, crayfish, and sculpin fishing on the Jeff.