May 30th 2015

Madison River 1930 CFS @ Cameron, 2150 CFS below Ennis Dam

The water above MacAtee Bridge is in great shape, and is fishing well. Nymphing is the best option, but streamers are moving some fish as well. I like black streamers in smaller sizes. Nymphing with the usual suspects will get fish too. The Lower Madison is still a great option- crayfish, sculpins, PMD's, Little Yellow Sallies, and caddis are all on the menu.

Missouri River 4080 CFS below Holter Dam

The Missouri River is probably the best option right now, in spite of the dirty water below the Dearborn River. PMD's and Caddis are just getting going, and the fishing has been quite good up here. The fish are primarily eating worms and various mayfly nymphs in the morning, but streamers are working quite well, and the dry fly bite is still solid in some places.

Yellowstone River 8920 CFS @ Corwin Springs

The Yellowstone River is still high and dirty, but I do not think it is going to be out for too long. If the rains subside, we will probably see a drastic clarity improvement sooner, rather than later.

Gallatin River 2790 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway

The Gallatin River is still hanging in there above the Taylor Fork, and is plenty fishable, everything below there is quite dirty. Stonefly nymphs, worms, and attractors (both nymphs and dries) are working well.

Jefferson River 3950 CFS @ Twin Bridges

The Jeff is pretty high, and has been on a steady climb for quite some time now. I would suggest looking elsewhere for now. That being said, things will more than likely clean up here very soon.