May 31st 2016

Upper Madison River 1250 CFS @ Kirby Ranch For the time being, things are very good on the Upper Madison. Two great days this weekend fishing sculpins and tungsten pheasant tail nymphs on heavy tippet. We caught a great number of big browns, and some nice rainbows as well. Stonefly nymphs and SJ worms produced as well. Good chance things change here by the weekend, as we are looking at some very warm weather, and the snow has to go somewhere. Lower Madison River 2120 CFS below Ennis Dam The Lower is fishing well. Sculpins, crayfish, and SJ worms are all producing fish. Quite a few caddis around, and the fish are looking for them in the evening. Fishing a pupa in the afternoon will work very well, especially behind one of the above. Missouri River 6760 CFS below Holter Dam Things are good on the Missouri, scuds/sowbugs below the dam, SJ worms and crayfish have been quite good down below. The caddis have shown up as well, and the fish are looking for them. A caddis pupa will catch a lot of fish, and the dry caddis (I like the Bloom's) has been quite good on the right days. Jefferson River 2690 CFS @Twin Bridges The Jeff is still off color, but fishing. This will probably last for another few days, and then we can expect another wave of high muddy water. Stonefly nymphs, attractor nymphs, and worms are all producing. Gallatin River 2330 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway The Gallatin is a bit high, and quite a bit off-color, better options exist than this right now. The Gallatin will get higher and dirtier in the coming days. Yellowstone River 7620 CFS @ Corwin Springs There was a small window of fishable water late last week, but the river is starting to climb, and will probably be out for quite some time now. I do not really feel that run off has really started on the Yellowstone yet. Could be an interesting July here.