June 1st 2015

Madison River 2600 CFS @ Cameron, 3210 CFS below Ennis Dam

The Upper Madison had a huge spike in flow yesterday, and continues to climb today. I am waiting on an actual report from today, but by all guesses, the Upper is not much of an option right now. The clarity up high can still be fishable, but I will know more later today. The Lower Madison continues to fish very well. The caddis, PMD's, and LYS were all out yesterday, and the clarity and flow are both PERFECT for fishing right now. We caught fish on all of the above, but the crayfish/caddis pupa combo was definitely the best producer. Small fish (tiny) were rising in the sun all day.

Missouri River 4100 CFS below Holter Dam

Things are really starting to pick up on the Missouri. With each day, we are closer to PMD's and caddis, but the weather has been quite variable. Afternoon storms have been making things a bit challenging on the Mo

Yellowstone River 10500 CFS @ Corwin Springs

The Yellowstone River continues to climb, and is now over 10000 CFS. This run off should subside fairly quickly, and we will be on the river again soon. We have been getting a lot of moisture the last few weeks, which is setting us up quite nicely for the season on the Yellowstone

Gallatin River 3450 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway

The Gallatin River is climbing quickly, but is still in decent shape above Taylor Fork. With all the rain, this could change quickly. As of yesterday afternoon, the Gallatin was very high, and very dirty.

Jefferson River 3970 CFS @ Twin Bridges

The Jefferson has leveled off, and should really start to fish again soon. The Twin Bridges area is notoriously dry, and we should see the beginning of the end of our run off over here. Fishing with worms, caddis, various streamers will get fish.