June 5th 2014

Fishing has been quite good the last few days. I have been spending the bulk of my time on both the Missouri River and the Lower Madison, both have fished quite well. It seems that all of the rivers are on the drop (which seems impossible, but is true) and things are going to be in great shape well before anyone thought possible.

Missouri River (6,070 CFS below Holter)

The Missouri River continues to fish well, with nymphing still the most effective technique. The river has dropped significantly over the last few days, and the bite has been quite strong. Caddis down low, still some March Browns and baetis throughout.

Madison River (3,590 CFS below Ennis Lake, 3,040 CFS at Cameron)

After a recon float on the Lower Madison, I have been guiding it quite regularly, and although it seems too dirty, the clarity is great, and the fishing has been fantastic. The fish are really eating the crawdad and sculpin, along with the occasional worm eater in there as well. When the river is a little high, and a little off-color, you can get away with much heavier tippet, and protect your flies. Reports are in that the Upper Madison is starting to clear near Lyons Bridge, and the Upper should really start to fish soon.

Jefferson River (6,370 CFS at Twin Bridges)

The Jeff is dropping fast, and is not quite in shape, but should be (if trends continue) by next week for sure. This summer should be a great one on the Jefferson.

Gallatin River (4,000 CFS at Gateway)

The Gallatin is still high, and still quite dirty, but it too is dropping fast.

Yellowstone River (15,800 CFS at Corwin Springs)

The Yellowstone is the biggest "head scratcher" of them all. If you had asked me two weeks ago for a clearing date on the Stone, I probably would have guessed mid-July. But now, it is looking like late next week. It will still be high then, and a bit off color, but it should be fishable. What a crazy spring we have had.