June 6th 2016

Missouri River 5220 CFS below Holter Dam As usual, things are strong on the Missouri River at this time of year. Lots of bugs, some fish rising, and a very productive nymph game. PMD's and caddis are around in great numbers, and the worm or crayfish rig under the indicator has been quite productive. Upper Madison River 1420 CFS @ Kirby Ranch The flows have increased steadily over the last few days in response to the hot weather, but the river is still fishing. The clarity is best above the West Fork, but "green is good" below, and most people are staying away from this water. Sculpins, stonefly nymphs, and caddis pupa are all working well. The fish are very tight to the bank, so do your best to keep the flies close. Lower Madison River 2970 CFS below Ennis Dam There is a good bit of water in the Lower Madison right now, but the fishing has been good. Caddis, PMD's, and crayfish are doing it right now, and the Little Yellow Sallies should be right around the corner. Gallatin River 3540 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway The Gallatin is climbing, and is definitely not fishing below the Taylor Fork. Decent clarity above, and some fish are being caught. Stonefly nymphs, and anything caddis here. Jefferson River 2670 CFS @ Twin Bridges The Jeff is climbing as well, and is not a good option right now. The river is still pretty blown, and will be for a couple of weeks, at least more than likely. Yellowstone River 9260 CFS @ Corwin Springs The Yellowstone is rising, and rising quickly. Flows have gone over 10k during the day, and will probably keep going up for a bit. There still seems to be a lot of snow up high, so it is anyone's guess when the Stone will be back.