June 10th 2018

Things have really calmed down quite a bit in the last week, and it seems that the peak flows are behind us. The local rivers are still running a bit high, and are still off color, but they are dropping, and the flows out of Holter Dam on the Missouri River have been substantially reduced. This seems to imply that the reservoir levels are getting there, and we should see more clear water in the Bozeman area soon.

Missouri River 12900 CFS below Holter Dam

The Missouri River changed drastically last week as flows went from over 20k to 12900 in just a handful of days. The fishing has been quite good, and there are tons of bugs around. Nymphing has still been the best option for catching fish, but there are a few risers in select spots. Caddis and PMD's are very prevalent in the canyon, and there are still a few March Browns and Baetis closer to the dam. I have been fishing SJ worms and various caddis pupa variations.

Madison River 2080 CFS near Kirby Ranch

Both the Upper and Lower sections of the Madison are clearing and beginning to fish well. The Lower Madison is fishing well with sculpins and crayfish patterns, and the Upper Madison is still running pretty fast so the fish are really pinned to the banks. It is time for streamers (either stripped or drifted) close to the bank, or of course the rubberleg program as the Salmon Flies are just around the corner.

Gallatin River 4280 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway

The Gallatin River is still too dirty to fish, but it has been dropping slowly over the last few days. I would avoid the Gallatin for now, but it should be back soon.

Jefferson River 7270 CFS @ Twin Bridges

The Jefferson had been dropping like a rock over the last week, but things have leveled off slightly this weekend. The lower sections of the river have some very low bridges, and at these flows, probably best to avoid any floating. The river is still too dirty anyway, so other rivers are better options.

Yellowstone River 20100 CFS @ Corwin Springs

The Yellowstone is dropping slowly, but still way too high for any type of recreation. It is certainly going to be a few more weeks over here until things are ready for fishing.