June 13th 2015

Jefferson River 2400 CFS @ Twin Bridges

The Jefferson River has dropped, and is in great shape for streamer fishing and nymphing. PMD's, caddis, and Sallies are hatching and the fishing has been great. Some smaller fish are rising during, but the larger fish are eating crayfish, worms, and a variety of nymphs.

Madison River 2010 CFS @ Cameron 2030 CFS below Ennis Dam

Salmonflies are starting to go, and a few Golden Stones have been spotted as well. Plenty of caddis and Little Yellow Sallies as well. The Lower Madison is still fishing well, but the tube crowd has started to show up as well. Crayfish trailed by a Sally nymph or caddis pupa will catch fish.

Gallatin River 2170 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway

Still dirty, but close. The river is fishable above Taylor Fork.

Missouri River 5370 CFS below Holter Dam

The Missouri has begun to drop, and continues to fish well. Some dry fly fishing is available, using caddis or a Bloom's Ant. The PMD's have started, and nymphing with a PMD nymph or emerger behind a wire worm has been dynamite in the mornings. Change to a caddis pupa early afternoon behind the worm.

Yellowstone River 8370 CFS @ Corwin Springs

The Yellowstone has been hovering at a great level for some time now, but it is still quite dirty. It will be ready soon though.