June 14th 2014

Wow, quite a week. Two INCREDIBLE DAYS on the Upper Madison, I had four boats crush them on the Lower Madison, and two of my favorite ladies put in some great work on the Missouri River. Fishing in Montana is off the charts right now. Here is the latest scuttlebutt...

Upper Madison (2,130 CFS near Cameron)

The Upper is soooo good right now. We are in my cherished high, green water time period that is always produces great fish. The streamer fishing has been quite good, olive and big. The nymph game has been incredible. Caddis nymphs, sally nymphs, girdle bugs, and dead drifted streamers. Salmonflies before you know it up here.

Lower Madison (2,610 CFS below Ennis Dam)

The Lower has been fantastic this spring! We had a four-boat trip go to the Lower on Thursday, and all four boats had some fly fishing rookies on board. Everyone clobbered them, and left feeling great. The stonefly nymph bite is strong, the sculpin bite is stronger, and the crayfish thing, is well, you get it. Salmonflies?

Missouri River (4,400 CFS below Holter Dam)

The Missouri is really fishing quite well, from the Dam all the way to Pelican. I fished the Canyon two of three days, and the fish were really on the bite. We caught fish on caddis pupa and crawdads the first day, crawdads and Little Green Machines the second day, and crawdads and Sally nymphs the third day. Fish are rising throughout the river, particularly in the afternoons. Lots of baetis type stuff in the top half, and lots of caddis type stuff in the lower half.

Jefferson River (4,210 CFS at Twin)

More on this mid-week...I am going to roll the dice this week and see how it goes.

Gallatin River (3,280 CFS at Gateway)

The Gallatin is really ,really close to ready. Diehard anglers that really know the river can catch them right now. Stonefly nymphs, and SJ worms in the soft water will work. The clarity is really coming around, but we have had substantial rain the last two days, and that may change things. The East has cleared, and is fishing quite well.

Yellowstone River (16,200 CFS at Corwin Springs)

Well, the Yellowstone River has slowed its roll, and the runoff has really leveled out. It is flowing strong in the high teens, and this is bad for fishing right now. I have been hopeful that the river would be ready by the end of June, but maybe not...