June 15th 2016

Yellowstone River 7560 CFS @ Corwin Springs The Yellowstone River has finally come in to shape and things are fishing very well. Keeping the flies tight to the bank is crucial to success, but the fish are eating. Sculpins, buggers, and zonkers are all catching fish. Any variety of nymphs will produce as well- stoneflies, caddis, mayflies. Lower Madison River 2030 CFS below Ennis Dam I saw the best Brown Drake spinner fall I have seen in a long time on the Lower this week, and the fish were keyed in. Good numbers of caddis and PMD's as well, the usual crayfish and sculpin action was present as well. Upper Madison River 1020 CFS @ Kirby Ranch The Upper is fishing well, but the river is moving fast, and the flies must stay tight to the bank. No real sign of the salmon flies yet, but the nymphs are on the banks, so it should be any time now. Caddis are around, and the fish are receptive. Gallatin River 2090 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway The Gallatin is still pretty dirty below Taylor Fork, but it should come into shape any day now. Try a rubberleg with a caddis dropper above Taylor Fork, and you should catch some fish. The rest of the river is very close, and fishing clear water at the creek mouths will yield some great fish at this time of year. Missouri River 4690 CFS below Holter Dam Things are really happening on the Missouri River right now. PMD's have been out in full force, and some great fish are up eating the duns/cripples/spinners. Just depends on time of day. I fished an X-caddis with a rusty spinner dropper quite a bit this weekend, and we had some great fishing. The Military May PMD nymph was fantastic fished in the riffles, and on the shelves. Jefferson River 2220 CFS @ Twin Bridges The Jefferson is finally coming around as well, but the river still has quite a bit of water in it, and be prepared to lose some flies if you go. I would suggest waiting another week or so, and let the river come down a bit more.