June 19th 2017

Upper Madison River

The Upper Madison River is currently dropping and clearing (2180 CFS at Cameron), and is really starting to fish well. I saw some Salmon Flies at 8 Mile yesterday, and the nymphing with Rubber Legs was pretty productive. The fish are holding tight to the banks, and in slower water but they are eating if the fly is in there correctly. We also had some good fishing with Zonkers and Caddis Pupas and Emergers.

Lower Madison River

The Lower Madison River has been absolutely fantastic as of late. Lots of bugs: PMD's, caddis (like a thousand different species), Little Yellow Sallies, and some Brown Drakes flying around. The crayfish bite has been great, really great. The river is more or less clear, and has been flowing at 3220 CFS for the last few days. It is also quite busy...

Missouri River

Flows on the Missouri River are dropping again (10700 CFS as of today), and it is still fishing quite well. PMD's, caddis, and some Sallies here as well. The canyon has been great, I have not spent too much time above Craig this month at all.

Jefferson River

The Jefferson River is still flowing quite high (6420 CFS), and is still quite dirty; probably be a little while until this one is going strong-maybe another 10 days or so.

Gallatin River

Driving over the Gallatin River on my way home today, and the river looks to be really shaping up well. It is still running quite high, and definitely has some color, but soft edges and slower water should give up some fish. The Gallatin is currently 2400 CFS at Gallatin Gateway.

Yellowstone River

The Yellowstone River is still fully blown out, and should go up again with the warmer weather we are expecting this week. I am guessing we are still a couple of weeks away on the Yellowstone.