June 23rd 2016

Yellowstone River 5410 CFS @ Corwin Springs Things are really happening on the Yellowstone River right now. The river is a perfect green color, and the bugs are everywhere. Caddis, PMD's, Yellow Sallies are throughout the river, not to mention some great Drake hatches mid valley, and Salmonflies and Golden Stones above Emigrant. The big bug hatch seemed to slip by the middle valley before the river cleared, but there are many bugs around. The dry fly fishing has been exceptional as of late, and the entire river is fishing very well. Lower Madison River 1520 CFS below Ennis Dam The Lower Madison is still fishing well, PMD's and caddis are catching fish, and the crayfish rig is still producing. Look for the PMD's around 1 O'clock and the caddis late in the day. If you have clouds, some good fish will be looking up. Upper Madison River 839 CFS @ Kirby Ranch Salmonflies have arrived to the Upper, always a good strategy to be the first boat down the river at this time of year if you want to catch them on the big bugs. Dawn patrol is the rule. Gallatin River 1400 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway Salmonflies have popped on the Gallatin River as well, with most of the bugs around Big Sky. Caddis are going strong, and fishing with a larger PMX with a caddis dropper will work very well. The color is great on the Gallatin right now. Jefferson River 1240 CFS @ Twin Bridges The Jefferson went from dirty to clean to grass very quickly. I would avoid the Jeff right now unless you like to pick grass of your flies all the time. Missouri River 4220 CFS below Holter Dam Things are good on the Missouri River. Very good. The PMD's are in full swing, and the good old Quigley Cripple has been great for me lately, not to mention some very productive spinner falls. The caddis are strong on the lower river, and blind casting with a caddis trailed by the rusty spinner is quite productive right now.