June 25th 2014

My sincerest apologies, this report is a bit overdue. I have been all over Southwest Montana this week, and the fishing has been great, but I have had zero time to update the report.

Missouri River (4,220 CFS below Holter Dam)

The Mo is fishing quite well right now, and the dry fly guys could not be happier. PMD's, caddis, and sallies are all on the menu. Flows have been stable for quite some time, and the fish are very cooperative.

Madison River (1,780 CFS at Cameron, 2,260 CFS below Ennis Dam) The Lower Madison has been just lights out good lately, and getting way more crowded with the passing of each day. The pressure should thin out once the Salmonflies pop on the Upper Madison. Hatches on the Lower: crawdads, PMD's, sallies, and of course, caddis. The Upper has been quite good lately as well, although it was better with more water, and a bit of green to it. The Salmonflies should be going any day now, and that will keep everyone off of all the other rivers for a while.

Gallatin River (2,560 CFS at Gateway) The Gallatin is fishing, and is a great color, but we are getting moderate to heavy rain each evening, and this effects the Gallatin. Caddis stuff, stonefly stuff, and SJ worms. Pretty standard. Salmonflies?

Jefferson River (3,870 CFS at Twin Bridges) The Jeff has been a bit up and down. Fished three days this week. Absolutely killed it one day, had a pretty mediocre day yesterday, and then today was pretty good. Lots and lots of bugs hatching: PMD's, sallies, and caddis. Some drakes in the evening.
Yellowstone River (11,600 CFS at Corwin Springs) Close, like, really close. Sooner, rather than later. Probably early next week. I actually floated the Valley last week when the river was at 10,800, and we caught them pretty good with the nymph rig. Streamer fishing sucked, and I stuck with it way too long. She is big right now, be careful if you go.