June 27th 2015

Things are getting very interesting around here right now. We have had some really hot weather roll into SW Montana this week, and the rivers are starting to show the signs of it. Coming on the heels of a very dry spring, this early season heat wave is exactly what we do not need right now. So here it goes:

Yellowstone River 4790 CFS @ Corwin Springs

The nymphing on the Yellowstone has been quite good with sculpin patterns trailed by a variety of caddis themed droppers. The fish are eating dry caddis on top as well, but you have to be patient and persistent with it. It is possible to fish a single dry all day over here right now, and some of the better fish will eat it, along with the token 6 inchers.

Missouri River 4220 CFS below Holter Dam

The MO is fishing quite well right now. PMD's, caddis, Little Yellow Sallies. All of the above on the surface, and under an indicator. The nymphing has been fantastic, and the dry fly fishing is what you make of it.

Madison River 1300 CFS near Cameron, 1340 CFS below Ennis Dam

The Lower Madison is definitely on the very warm side of trout comfort levels, and there are an amazing number of folks recreating with the heat wave that is upon us. There are better fishing destinations right now. The Upper Madison is fishing pretty well, from early morning until about 1 PM. The fish are eating caddis pretty regularly, but not necessarily in the usual places. If you are not catching fish, try some new water on the river.

Gallatin River 994 CFS near Gallatin Gateway

The Gallatin is reliable as always, and fishing well. The fish are eating caddis and sallies, both on top and under an indicator. As with most rivers, the fishing has been best early to mid day, with a slow down around 3 or so.

Jefferson River 830 CFS @ Twin Bridges

The Jeff is super low, and too warm to fish right now. You could not pay me enough for a float over here right now. Give the fish a break, better options exist.