July 1st 2016


Gallatin River from Shed's Bridge to Mouth, Lower Madison River, and entire length of the Jefferson River

SO HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS:Yellowstone River 4420 CFS @ Corwin Springs

The Yellowstone River is so unbelievably good right now it is silly. The fish are eating everything from little fish to Rusty Spinners, it just depends where you are. The caddis hatches are still strong, and the nocturnal stone hatch has begun already. Most guides are fishing the Chubby/Rubberleg rig, and catching some fish, but be original and fish something else. There is a variety of activity in the river, and it never hurts to fish something that EVERYONE else is throwing.

Missouri River 3910 CFS below Holter Dam

The Mo has remained a great option and there are bugs aplenty. Caddis, PMD's, Sallies, and the tricos should really get going soon. I saw a few up there a few days ago, but the big hatch will get going soon. The river really fished well for me this week, and hopefully will hang in there for a few more days at least.

Lower Madison River 1150 CFS below Ennis Dam

There are much better options than the Lower Madison right now (see above), and the entire length of the river is under Hoot Owl restrictions as of today.

Upper Madison River 926 CFS @ Kirby Ranch

The Upper Madison has been fishing well with some larger dries, still some PMD's and caddis around, and the Golden Stones are out and about. Nymphing has been quite productive with small sculpins and various smaller bead head caddis trailers.

Gallatin River 1020 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway

Salmonflies, caddis, and Golden Stones are going strong on the Gallatin River throughout the canyon, with a large concentration above Big Sky. The Gallatin stays nice and cool in the canyon, and the dry fly fishing has been quite good.

Jefferson River 844 CFS @ Twin Bridges

The Jeff is warm and full of floating grass right now. Best to no try and fish this one for a while. The entire length of the Jefferson River is under Hoot Owl restrictions as of today, and fishing is prohibited after 2 PM.