July 2nd 2017

Yellowstone River 10900 CFS @ Corwin Springs

The Yellowstone River is dropping and clearing, and just beginning to fish. I have been in the Paradise Valley the last couple of days, and there are plenty of bugs, and plenty of trout. Salmon Flies, caddis in just about every size and color, smaller stones, and Yellow Sallies are all flying around with a few mayflies as well. The Yellowstone is still quite big, and is still a little pushy, so be careful with all floating craft, and particularly wading. The fish are all tight to the banks, so be prepared to lose some flies.

Missouri River 6480 CFS below Holter Dam

The Missouri River is still fishing quite well, with PMD's the name of the game. Cripples and Spinners have been best for the pods, but prospecting with attractor dries was quite fun the last two days I fished the Missouri. Caddis fishing in the evening has been quite good as well, a size 16 tan parachute caddis was great in the faster runs, just throwing to the obvious holding water.

Gallatin River 1600 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway

Salmon Flies are on the upper reaches of the river, and the clarity has greatly improved. The Gallatin has been seeing great hatches of smaller stones, caddis, PMD's, and Yellow Sallies, and by all reports, fishing quite well. Nymphing and dry fly fishing has been great.

Upper Madison River 2080 CFS @ Cameron

The Upper Madison has been quite good as of late, and should continue to fish until the river drops and clears and things will then get a little tougher. The Salmon Flies have moved way up the river, but the lower stretches are fishing well with zonkers, sculpins, and various caddis droppers.

Jefferson River 2410 CFS @ Twin Bridges

The Jefferson has been fantastic since it cleared, and the fishing should hold up quite well until they pull all the water away from the fish. Various streamers and crayfish patterns have been working, along with PMD nymphs and caddis pupa. The fish have been rising quite well on the cloudy days.

Lower Madison River 2210 CFS below Ennis Lake

The Lower Madison continues to fish well, but has been crowded as of late. Still plenty of PMD's, caddis, and Sallies, and the fish continue to eat the crayfish.