July 11th 2015

Yellowstone River 4360 CFS @ Livingston

The Yellowstone River has been absolutely as good as it gets lately, but the water has been getting quite dirty each day from our afternoon rains. If you can find clean water, you should find fish- and plenty of good ones. The dry fly bite has been quite good with caddis and nocturnal stones, and fishing sub surface has been great with sculpin patterns, caddis pupa, and little green machines.

Jefferson River 620 CFS @ Twin Bridges

You could not pay me enough to fish the Jeff right now. I went a few days back, as we only had a few hours to fish, and I wanted to see for myself what was shaking over there. The river is full of weeds, and very low. Hoot Owl closure is in effect now as well, so not a great option. Pretty dismal summer on the Jefferson more than likely.

Madison River 1270 CFS @ Cameron 1550 CFS below Ennis Lake

With our recent cooler temps, and with our recent rains, things have vastly improved on the Madison. Small dry flies of many different varieties have been catching fish, and the zonker game has been pretty solid. Good nocturnal stone fishing in the morning. The Lower Madison is currently under Hoot Owl restriction, and full of tube folk. However, as things cool down, the Lower might be a great option for a morning of fishing.

Gallatin River 722 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway

The Gallatin has been fishing better this year than I can remember. A great dry caddis bite has prevailed, particularly in the canyon. The nocturnal stone are going here as well, and the spruce moths should be around very soon. The river is low, but the fish seem bigger this year, a great time to fish the Gallatin.

Missouri River 4160 CFS below Holter Dam

Things are pretty good on the Missouri, minus the weed in the drift and all the boats. The fish are eating small mayfly stuff quite well, and the crayfish bite has been great. Try fishing a little lower on the river, and avoid the armada.