July 16th 2014

Fishing is really, really good right now. Just about everywhere, great fish are being caught. We got two over 20 today, and overall, this week has been fantastic.

Yellowstone River (7,350 CFS at Corwin Springs)

The Yellowstone continues to slowly drop, and is for the most part, a great fishable green. There have been plugs of dirty water moving sporadically through the system, but it is fishing very well. Sculpins, rubberlegs, and zonkers below town; trailing the appropriate nymphs behind. Mayfly stuff in the AM, sally nymph mid day, and caddis in the afternoon. Great reports of dry fly fishing from the top of the river as well- God Bless the Chubby.

Gallatin River (1,240 CFS at Gateway)

Fished the Gallatin today, and it was great. The river continues to improve each day, and fish are being caught both on dries, and on nymphs. The usual suspects were killer for me today.

Madison River (1,340 CFS at Cameron,1,470 CFS below Ennis Dam)

A lot of the Ennis boys are making there way East to the Livingston area right now. I think that sums this up pretty well.

Missouri River (4,140 CFS below Holter Dam)

I just got home from two days on the Mo, and it was fantastic. Excellent dry fly fishing in the mornings, and a very, very solid nymph bite the rest of the day. PMD transitional and Trico spinners in the AM, along with Parachute Adams and Purple Haze to the risers. The crayfish bite was exceptional after the fish stopped really looking up.

Jefferson River (1,870 CFS at Twin Bridges)

I do not think I can recall a better year on the Jefferson than this one. Lots of big fish, great water, but unfortunately, a lot of people trying to fish it. Headed this way tomorrow....