July 17th 2017

Yellowstone River 7370 CFS @ Corwin Springs

The Yellowstone River has been fishing extremely well from top to bottom. I have spent the last few days East of Livingston, and the big fish are really on the feed. Dry fly fishing has been really strong with caddis and large attractors if you have clouds, and the nymphing and streamer fishing has really pulled good numbers of big fish.

Upper Madison River 1810 CFS @ Cameron

The Madison River is still fishing quite well, and has a lot of water in it. Funny how those two things seem to go hand in hand. Lots of caddis around, not to mention PMD's and Sallies as well. The nymphing has been great, a sculpin or other streamer with a size appropriate bead head trailer has been great.

Gallatin River 1000 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway

The Gallatin River is still fishing quite well, with some great dry fly fishing to be had. Lots of caddis and Sallies around, and the attractor game has been very productive.

Lower Madison River 1220 CFS below Ennis Dam

Too crowded with tube folk, and getting pretty warm. There are better options to be had.

Jefferson River 983 CFS @ Twin Bridges

The Jefferson River is quite low already, which is an absolute travesty, given where it began the season, but I guess this is just the way things are anymore. I would save the Jeff for later in the year, the water is warm, and the fish could use a break.

Missouri River 4070 CFS below Holter Dam

PMD's are beginning to wane, but the Trico hatch is just around the corner. There are still plenty of caddis in the evening though, and the nymph bite is always good. Always.