July 19th 2016

Yellowstone River CFS 2950 @ Corwin Springs

The Yellowstone River is still fishing quite well. Dry fly fishing with caddis, attractors, and small terrestrials has been very productive- particularly in the morning or in the clouds. Nymphing has been quite good as of late, and the dry dropper game is still working. The fish are in the faster water, which is always fun to fish.

Upper Madison River 982 CFS @ Kirby

Things are still pretty good on the Upper Madison. Caddis, PMD's, and some Sallie's around, and a bit more water in the river in order to help the fish withstand the recent heat wave.

Gallatin River 641 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway

Caddis and Sally's are still going strong on the Gallatin River right now, and dry fly fishing with a Royal Wulff or PMX has been quite good in the right places. Small chubby with a dropper has been strong as well.

Missouri River 4380 CFS below Holter Dam

Tricos, tricos, tricos. Even though the Missouri River is not well known as a hopper river, the fish will eat them, and that time is beginning. Ants and beetles will catch some fish.

Lower Madison and Jefferson Rivers are still under Hoot Owl restrictions, and full of floating grass. Probably best to leave these alone for the time being.