July 27th 2017

Yellowstone River 5570 CFS @ Corwin Springs

The Yellowstone River is fishing extremely well right now. The big fish are really eating the little fish, and the hopper fishing is really on the upswing. Fished hoppers all day today, and had a nice number of fish come up to eat. Still some caddis around, and the nocturnal stones are going as well. The dry fly bite seems to be strongest in the afternoon.

Upper Madison River 1620 CFS @ Cameron

The Upper Madison River is still fishing well, at least early in the day. Large attractor dries fished with various bead head droppers are doing quite well, and the Spruce Moth activity will pick up, particularly on the upper portion of the river.

Gallatin River 757 CFS @ Gallatin Gateway

Still great bug activity on the Gallatin, and the Spruce Moths are around as well. The river has been as consistent as always. Small Chubby with a caddis bead head dropper is doing well, and hoppers in the afternoon. Hoot Owl restriction from 4 Corners downstream.

Missouri River 4300 CFS below Holter Dam

Still a few PMD's around on the Missouri River, but the Tricos have begun, and the fish are eating them. Best fishing for the spinner fall early in the morning.

Lower Madison and Jefferson Rivers

Both the Lower Madison and Jefferson Rivers are under Hoot Owl restriction, with fishing prohibited after 2:00 PM. Best to look elsewhere for fishing right now.