July 30th 2016

Yellowstone River 2330 CFS @ Corwin Springs

The Yellowstone River is still fishing quite well despite the heat wave that has descended upon SW Montana. The trout are really starting to eat hoppers, and the nymph fishing has been quite good as well. In addition, the nocturnal stones are kicking around in good numbers. On clear days, and in the mornings, I have been fishing sub surface, and then pitching a medium sized hopper in the clouds after lunch.

Upper Madison River 1130 CFS @ Kirby

Thanks to the pulse flows from Hebgen Dam, the Upper Madison has been fishing quite well. Small terrestrials, caddis, and still some PMD activity up here.

Gallatin River CFS 513 @ Gateway

The fish on the Gallatin River are still eating caddis, but more importantly, they are really getting on hoppers here as well, not to mention the annual Spruce Moth bite. Fishing has been quite good in the canyon, but fewer people are fishing above Big Sky, and the valley floor near Gateway has been quite productive.

Missouri River 4180 CFS below Holter Dam

Trico's in the mornings, and some terrestrial fishing in the afternoons, that about sums it up.

Lower Madison and Jefferson Rivers are under Hoot Owl Restrictions