August 18th 2014

Boy, things are good here right now. All of our area rivers are really fishing well, and just as many predicted, the hopper fishing is getting very, very good. Particularly on the Yellowstone. Business has been great this year, and the fishing has been better than ever. This action should carry on straight through the fall.

TheYellowstone River (3,310 CFS at Corwin Springs) is still running higher than normal for this time of year, and we have been experiencing some mud in the system due to afternoon rains, but the river is absolutely fantastic right now. The hopper bite is getting better and better each day, we had approx 30 eats yesterday afternoon, in about 3 hours of fishing them. Small tan patterns have been my "go to" as of late, but the nymphing/stripping program has been awesome in the morning. Inexplicably, the boat traffic has been wonderfully nonexistent as well. Lots of fish, and no boats. Things have been great on theJefferson River (971 CFS at Twin Bridges) right now, particularly in the mornings. The river is running quite high for this time of year, and the fish are really responding well. The usual suspects are catching a lot of fish. TheMadison River ( 1,200 CFS at Cameron, 1,390 CFS below Ennis Dam) is fishing pretty well with dries in the mornings, and again in the evenings. A lot of the fishing looking to eat hoppers or ants are not necessarily sitting on the banks though, maybe try some of those good looking mid river slots, you never know what is lurking there. Things on theGallatin River (558 CFS near Gateway) always seem to be good. This river is just plain reliable. Hopper fishing on the valley floor is very overlooked, and is usually quite fun. The canyon is still giving up fish to the usual attractors, nymphs, and moth patterns.
If you want to fish theMissouri River (4,300 CFS below Holter Dam), go early for the tricos, and then throw ants, hoppers, and beetles later in the day. Mo fish love to rise, and nothing better than a good hopper eat up here.